Post #1 Where to start—

Well, if you’re reading this I guess I’ve decided that it’s time to start my own blog. I don’t really know why; I guess I just feel compelled to put myself on the internet, in a totally open forum, with no thoughts or organization to what I’m doing at all. I’ve had dreams for a long time that there is more out there for me but I never knew where to start. So, in December I took a new job and in March I signed on to sell products for a direct sales company to make a little extra cash. This direct sales company sparked something inside of me that needed to combust apparently because here we are.

Where to start? Well, my life hasn’t always been easy. Has it been easier than some, well yes, but has it has it’s ups and downs and hailstorms, oh yeah. I’m not going all the way back to when I was young, but I will go back to a time just a few short years ago that I thought I had everything together. I was exercising and fit, so fit that if at any point I wanted to run a half marathon or get on a stage in bikini I could have. I was leading a group of strong and passionate women in their walk with Christ and I volunteered every Sunday in the youth ministry at church. My boys and I had just bought our own little house and were cozy and safe. I rarely drank and had amazing friends! I felt like God had a plan and I just needed to be patient and open and something was going to come into my life that was going to be earth-shattering.

Earth-shattering it was. I met a man. A man that at the time seemed to be “God’s Gift” to me and my boys. He was charming, handsome, had sophistication, no debt but a savings account, and was a wounded soul like me just looking for love. Wow! He knocked me off my feet. He took care of us and when his children were in town visiting him that summer I just couldn’t believe what an amazing dad he was. How could someone let this guy go? So, one year later we were married.

Married after one year? I know! Who does that?! Well, good little Christian girls do. I’m not going to go into the stringy complicated details of our divorce two years later, but that short little two years changed my life forever. I stopped going to church, stopped exercising and got chubby, now I’m stuck in a house that needs major renovations and is extremely expensive, I drink all the time, and have a completely new set of totally amazing friends.

It’s been close to three years since then and I’ve recovered from the stress and loss, but I’m still a chubby little craft beer snob that needs an entire shift. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and cheer me on.

I’ll see ya again on the flip side—adios.